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This website is under construction, but in the meantime, we can explain why we exist.

Voice for Walcha is a group of passionate community members who value the local environment, the area and the people to such an extent, that we feel it is worth fighting for. Specifically, we feel that the disproportional and aggressive influx of Wind Turbine projects, is entirely out of whack with the community's wishes.

We are a group that are conscious of the value of renewable energy, but highly concerned that a small community of 3,000 is being asked to carry the (energy) load for 15% of the state. The introduction of around 800 turbines to this community is excessive and highly undesirable to the majority of the community. Walcha is an area of prime agricultural, high value land, located against the Gondwana Rainforest World Heritage area, incorporating the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. The area and community will be heavily and negatively impacted by such projects, and we need to give a strong message that it is not the place to carve an industrial project such as this.

We hope this website will enable interested community members to access the following;

  • Source of reference material, documents and links to relevant sites, all indexed and easy to find
  • A page devoted to “About us”, what Voice for Walcha is, why it started, what we are trying to achieve, what is it that we do.
  • Ability to register your details to be kept informed of the work we are doing.
  • A page devoted to “What can I do”, letters that can be written, list of people to contact with concerns etc, as well as an invitation to contact us to help out in other ways.
  • Page devoted to the EIS response process; step by step instructions for individuals to make a submission to the planning department.
  • A page devoted to a timeline of events for each project, to give us and everyone else the big picture of what is happening in and around Walcha, and what we need to do.

The Cumulative Effect

In progress and proposed renewable projects in the New England Area

Apologies: The Winterbourne Wind project (as at September 27, 2022 ) only has 119 towers proposed NOT 140 as shown incorrectly on the map printed in the Advocate 27/09/22.

Map below is now updated

We can be contacted via email at us@voiceforwalcha.com

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