In a nutshell, a developer needs to produce an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) in order to satisfy the Planning Department. This EIS is submitted to the Planning Department and then released for public display for 28 days.

If there is a significant number of relevant objections to the project, the Planning Department will make a decision if referral to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) is required.

The aim of our efforts is to achieve this referral to the IPC, to force the developer to address the concerns of the community.

How to lodge a submission online
How to send a submission via the post
Tips for writing a good submission

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You will have to create an account if you don’t already have one and this will require you to enter your personal details and email address.

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You can manage your submission from the dashboard by clicking on the project


This will bring up the State Significant Projects page with WINTERBOURNE WIND FARM click on this project

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Make a PERSONAL submission and you can also make a further submission if you have a business.

Click the correct submission type


The you can then continue with entering the details of your submission whether it be OPPOSED, SUPPORT or a COMMENT on aspects of the project.

You will have to choose between “Support”, “Comment”, or “Object”. If you want to halt or have the project modified, we will need to have a significant number of objections registered. If you simply desire a modification to the project, an “Objection” does not mean that you want to shut the project down, it simply means that you “object” to the project in its current form, and your comments will note where you would like modification to be made.



If you choose to send a paper-based submission and it’s not addressed to the nominated contact person or team, the submission will not be received by the department and will be returned to sender.


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