Community Forum August 2022

The event was organised by concerned community members. It was not hosted by any invested group. Just simply seeking an open discussion from all interested parties.

The forum focused on the community impact, and the importance of community involvement in the EIS process. 

Forum Opened by Jim Young, Walcha Farmer
Then 5 speakers …
Mark Foggarty
“Disabling social licence” the NSW planning process
explaining the EIS process and what WALCHA can do
Eric Noakes
Mayor of Walcha
“What the Council is doing; what it expects of the community and the developer”
Karen Zirkler
Farmer and community member of Kentucky
“Living in an EIS environment: What the community is doing, has done”


Peter Barton
Farmer and community member of Wellington
“A conversation of what large scale renewables look like and the impact on community five years on”
Max Mawhinney
Walcha Community member, with experience in project capital raising, and large scale industrial property development. Covering the context of what these projects could mean for Walcha landholders and community.

We believe it is imperative that our community is informed and engaged through our 28 day EIS response period. Please save the date.

Everyone was welcome and encouraged to attend.

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