Group Submission

We have submitted our group submission to the NSW Planning Department for consideration.

Below is an extract from the executive summary.


This Submission tables on behalf of the Community the Voice for Walcha’s (VfW) Group Objection to the Winterbourne Wind Farm Project (WWF). The full reasons for the Community Objection are set out in the eleven (11) sub-submissions attached hereunder.

The objective of this Executive Summary is to provide important context supporting the Objection rationale to;

Context of course is everything - in the Project at hand it attempts to draw together analysis – often complex and introducing serious issues facing a community. Issues which will test the fabric, the understanding and ultimately the resilience of the Community. It shouldn’t be underestimated that the prevailing psychology in the Walcha Community is that this Project and those that follow – could present as the turning points, between either Walcha continuing to grow as a progressive agricultural economy contributing to Australia’s national and export objectives or an industrial waste land – a ‘host-baby sitter’ for concrete and carbon fibre’ purely for profit objectives.

Threshold Objections

The Sub-Submissions hereunder promote detailed consideration in each of its 11 assessments outlining 2 shortcomings – firstly, failure to achieve compliance and/or secondly, excessive and unacceptable impacts. Some of which are critical. Each attempt is to substantiate why consent should be withheld for the Project. Much of the basis for this conclusion is derived from the following threshold technical conclusions reached by VfW;

VfW maintain four considerations arise in respect to this deficiency;

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